TraceabilityComplete Bi-directional Track & Trace Solution

Easily collect, store and trace data backwards and forwards in the supply chain. With Radley’s Traceability solution, reduce the time and costs associated with compliance audits, investigations or recalls.

Configurable to Your Industry & Workflows
Configurable to your manufacturing type, industry and specific process, we store the collected data in a robust database with query options to drill down into and report against. Powered by our trademarked IntelliLabel® technology, capture unlimited properties such as lot, supplier, expiration, sample/quality, weight and transit time using a combination of RFID, barcode scanning and machine integration to begin building your Traceability record.

Whether you are an Automotive supplier, Pharmaceutical or Food & Beverage manufacturer, Radley’s Traceability software solution will help you maintain complete control and have full visibility from receipt of your materials through inventory to manufacturing, assembly and finished goods to packaging, warehousing, shipping and final customer delivery.

Fill the Gaps in Your ERP
Implement as a complete stand-alone traceability solution or integrate to compliment your existing back-end business system. Radley supports multiple ERPs to help you close information gaps and ensure you comply with supplier, customer and government safety and demand requirements.

Read the Whitepaper, “Traceability – Sourcing the Data” to learn more about collecting traceability data within your processes.

Functionality Highlights

  • Supports GS1 standards for scanning & labeling
  • Allows co-mingled lot tracking, serialized containers, individual part and direct part marking
  • Chain of custody, product pedigree management
  • Flexible workflows, configured to your unique process, factor & operations
  • Real-time access to full bi-directional traceability
  • Multiple data capture options

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