Solutions for JD Edwards Mobile Data Collection & EDI Integration

Oracle logoRadley's integrated products for JD Edwards give you the control over your processes that most ERPs take away by forcing your workers to step through multiple menus and tasks to perform an event. Based on your business logic, Radley consolidates numerous tasks into one simple workflow. Radley’s data-driven software solutions fill gaps in your ERP to help your company manage demand, improve and automate processes, reduce errors and increase customer satisfaction while reducing costs.

Radley’s Solution Platform for JD Edwards:

Integrated Data Collection Asset Tracking
Product Traceability Task Management
eCommerce EDI Inventory Control

Seamless Integration & Innovative Technology
Our non-intrusive architecture allows Radley to update JD Edwards ERP while preserving your configured rules and business logic; flexible for multi-site manufacturers and can be installed and managed centrally or at each individual location. Providing a wide variety of industry-specific capabilities, Radley solutions are easy to use with a multi-language user interface and compatible for use on mobile devices.
Radley InterfaceReal-Time Validation & Communication
Every step from receiving, to production and picking to shipping is captured and confirmed. With Radley’s configurable, intelligent prompting, your data is validated against the Infor database and updates are made in real-time with each transaction as it happens.
Fully Integrated EDI
Radley Corporation provides a comprehensive, fully integrated EDI solution for JD Edwards users. iCARaS and iR*EDI were designed to lower your cost of EDI ownership, meet trading partner compliancy requirements and enhance plant workflow. Within a powerful, easy-to-use interface and automated tools; you can control and manage every aspect of your workflow. Radley also helps keep your EDI costs under control with preconfigured trading partners, certified and ready-for-use at a standard price. As your OEM’s requirements change, necessary updates are provided as part of your standard maintenance agreement.
Experts in the Industry
We are a full service provider with a team of in-house experts who do everything from consulting, software configuration, implementation and project management, to training and support. Our consultants have traveled all over the world helping manufacturers within numerous industries to evaluate, document and implement EDI, MES and Warehouse Automation solutions that reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Talk to a Product Specialist at 616-541-6010.

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How Your Business Can Benefit

  • Increase visibility into daily operations
  • • Relieve strain on IT resources
  • • Comply with industry, customer and government requirements
  • • Gain higher customer satisfaction rates
  • Decrease errors with validated data & automated processes