Web Scheduler

iR*EDI utilizes a job scheduler that simplifies communication setup. The Scheduler is an application that controls the scheduling and execution of all jobs requiring unattended processing. Job scheduling is automated on a flexible, user definable basis. Any standard communications required is supported; including Point-to-Point, FTP, HTTP/s, FTPs, Bisync, AS2, etc.

  • Jobs can be scheduled and submitted to the scheduler directly from iR*EDI.
  • Automated scheduling is available for all communications, printed reports, and system processing, such as data purges. Automated retry attempts in the event of a communications or processing failure.
  • The job can execute immediately, or be scheduled to run at a later time. User profiles can be configured with email addresses. Notifications of a job's success or failure status can be sent to an email address upon job completion, and can include audit logs and/or reports.
  • Multiple tasks within a single job executed based on success/failure of prior tasks
  • Global tasks can be defined to be included in multiple jobs.
  • Recurring execution of jobs by time, day of week, with frequency control
  • Complete job history of communications, application logs, reports and status
  • Using built in security functions, users can be restricted to initiating only jobs they defined, or access can be granted to initiate all jobs within a defined access group.
  • Online help in PDF format is provided.

EDI Scheduled Jobs