B2B EDI—iR*EDI Anything-to-Anything Mapper when you need in-house control of your EDI mapping process*

The iR*EDI Mapper provides the design environment to create and execute document maps that translate data formats and transform data schemas. The graphical user interface provides a point and click interface to map data from source format to target format.

The iR*EDI mapper provides built-in reusable components that streamline the mapping process. The mapper comes with built-in default EDI documents that can be used for the basis of trading partner specific mapping requirements.

The following example shows N1 segment mapping the name from the upper file to the name field in the lower file. The copy command is shown in the big screen. To map, create a copy command, double click on the field from the first file and then double click on the field from the second.

Radley B2B EDI, Hosted EDI Solution - EDI Mapping
*Requires Programming Skills.