B2B EDI—iR*EDI Document Journal

The Document Journal allows you to match inbound/outbound documents to the originating outbound/inbound documents. Inbound and outbound documents are matched based on the control numbers contained in the interchange and transaction set segments of the EDI data file and EDI document acknowledgement status is provided. Other features include:

  • • Recalls statistics of documents, dates, reference numbers and control numbers
  • • Archive and retrieve received raw data, formatted EDI data, data processing files, integration data, import/export files, report files
  • • All document journal processing and archiving can be defined at the trading partner, entity and document levels
  • • Reprocess or resend any data stored in any archived document
  • • Can rerun reports against archived data through standard user interface without overriding existing data
  • • Stored interchange, group, and entity information about any received or transmitted document
  • • View document status by user defined formats, by date, interchange, type or trading partner
Radley Hosted EDI Solution