Automotive Shipment Scanning Lending Accuracy to Your Shipment Processes!

Integrated Label Generation
Radley offers the experience and expertise to provide you with a labeling solution capable of meeting your most stringent shipping label requirements. Create your own label formats or purchase off-the-shelf label formats from Radley's extensive library.


Many trading partners include data elements in their EDI transactions that need to be included on shipping labels. iCARaS stores these data elements so they can be easily retrieved during the label printing process. Flexible mapping allows you to determine where data is sourced for the labels from within the application.

Print labels from shipments, requirements, or on demand.
Partnerships for Success

Our scanning solutions are built around the latest AIDC technologies. Our partnerships with select recognized industry leaders enables us to provide a fully integrated solution which includes both software and hardware. Let Radley be your total solution and first choice provider for bar code printers, media, scanners, intelligent portable terminals, Radio Frequency (RF) systems and more.

technology scanning partners

Whether you are looking for an ergonomic, small design, or a rugged terminal to withstand the harshest environments, we will help you find what best fits your needs. [Devices, Printers, and Labels]

iCARas Automotive EDI

QuickShip Interface

Product Features

  • Verifies physical product being shipped against your Shipper.
  • Loads Serial Numbers into iCARaS for ASN.
  • Reduces Scans needed to perform transactions.
  • Simplify box scans or build up pallet/container relationships.
  • Use scanner to enter last minute shipping information like Expedited Authorization Numbers (AETC).
  • Easy to Use—the device guides you through the scanning process.
  • Modern Technology with intuitive browser-based user interface.
  • Guaranteed to meet all Trading Partner rules for label and shipping automation compliance.
  • Supports an unlimited number of trading partners.
  • Supports scale integration and end-of-line labeling.
  • Historical record—capture and retain shipment data.
  • Ability to track internal lot numbers.