Automotive ReportingComprehensive, Focused, and Targeted

Radley’s iCARaS solution comes with a variety of reports designed to help you quickly and efficiently focus on the information you need to see. Reports are output to a .PDF document, however many iCARaS reports can be provided in spreadsheet format. Reports can be emailed, printed, archived and can also be sent to the Business Activity Monitor (BAM).

All inbound transactions have a corresponding detailed report that can be triggered by the translation of that transaction and sent to the appropriate personnel. Select what information to send by trading partner and transaction so the right people get the information they really need.

iCARaS comes with a comprehensive set of release reports designed to help you make sense of your trading partners’ demand. Identify net changes, behind requirements, and CUM discrepancies. Review shipping or planning requirements in particular or take a look at the total demand for a given part. Release history allows you to go back in time to review changes or schedules over time.   

iCARaS provides a variety of information on the shipping transaction as well—summarizing shipping information or showing how shipped quantities were applied against requirements as well as historical information.
  • iCARaS features comprehensive automotive reporting including detailed reports for all inbound transactions, extensive demand reporting, and informative shipping reports.
  • The release reports provide a view into your requirements and help you stay on track with things such as net changes, CUM discrepancies and if you are behind, ahead or on schedule with shipments.
  • Shipment reports provide information regarding shipments made in a certain time period, shipments made for a specific trading partner or part, and the current status of shipments.
  • iCARaS reports are provided in standard PDF format and many reports are available in spreadsheet format.