B2B EDI Automation Software

Radley's B2B (Business to Business) product, iR*EDI® (pronounced EYE-red-ee) is the core solution on our EDI eCommerce Platform. With an intuitive and configurable user interface, iR*EDI helps you automate and streamline business processes while significantly reducing costs.

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Flexible & Scalable to Meet Your Needs
Choose what's right for you: web-based EDI hosted by Radley or an on-premise installation. You can select the deployment option that fits your organization, whether you're executing transactions with your customers or with suppliers. Radley eCommerce solutions are available on-Premise, on Demand or on any Cloud.

We also offer EDI Managed Services based on your specific needs and requirements. Radley can assist with those day-to-day tasks associated with maintaining an EDI system, freeing your staff to focus on other business initiatives.

Trading Partner Compliant
Radley maps transactions based on your trading partners' EDI specifications and if those specifications change, we will update the maps, ensuring you are always compliant.

Automate, Integrate & Communicate
Built for integration, iR*EDI easily integrates into existing infrastructures and ERP systems. Documents such as invoices, purchase orders and advance ship notices (ASN) can be integrated from any application on a scheduled or on-demand basis. We support past and present messaging technologies from file drops to web services to exchange transactions.

iR*EDI supports any communications protocol as well as any trading partner supporting multiple standards including ANSI ASC X12 EDI Standards or the UN/EDIFACT as well as ODETTE, VDA, UCS, TRADACOMS, WIN, VIC, TDCC and XML formats.

Real-Time Visibility
Monitor your EDI activities from Radley's intelligence dashboard, Business Activity Monitor (BAM), and receive real-time alerts and notifications for communication failures or build errors. View volumes of data that will allow you to measure and evaluate improvements, and identify process bottlenecks and failures to make better business decisions.

The Radley Difference: One Vendor; Multiple Solutions: Consulting Services, Hardware, Training & Support
We are a full service provider with a team of in-house experts who do everything from consulting, software configuration, implementation and project management, to training and support.

Our consultants have traveled all over the world helping manufacturers within numerous industries to evaluate, document and implement EDI, MES and Warehouse Automation solutions that reduce costs and increase efficiency.