Automotive EDIa Honda Certified Solution

Simplify automotive commerce and maintain compliance with iCARaS, a fully integrated Electronic Data Interchange solution that was designed to meet the unique needs of the automotive industry’s ever evolving standards and requirements.

  • • Barcode label and shipping automation compliance including labels for pallets, containers, and parts
  • • Automated advanced ship notifications (ASNs) and release history management
  • Integrated labeling for shop floor & work in progress (WIP) labels

  • • Utilizes your ERP as the “system of record” for customer ship-to & part data and invoicing
  • • Full release accounting, including support for cumulative quantities (CUMs), release authorization number (RAN) management
  • • Streamlined communications processes for one or multiple VANs and/or direct customer connections

  • • Comply with trading partners globally on multiple EDI standards and communication protocols
  • MMOG/LE (Materials Management Operations Guidelines and Logistics Evaluation) compliance
  • • EDI Solution Honda Blue Book Certified

Radley has been providing release accounting, demand reporting, shipping label printing, barcode shipment scanning and more to the global Automotive & Transportation industry for over 40 years. Contact our experts for your free consultation today.

EDI Integration

iCARas Automotive EDI

Honda certified EDI solution

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Based out of Detroit, Michigan Radley employs a team of automotive industry experts to train, implement and support your business. Call and speak to an EDI technical support representative or simply access our easy to use Customer Portal to log and track questions & issues online, 24/7.

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