Automotive EDI and ERP IntegrationEasily integrated with your existing applications.

iCARas Integration

A strong integration platform combined with world class automotive release accounting functionality make iCARaS a compelling choice for meeting your automotive EDI requirements.

  • Standard gateways
  • Minimize ERP customizations
  • Integration standardized
  • Common file formats for all trading partners
  • Flexible data exchange methods
  • Easily automate your EDI processes

Radley recognizes that integrating each new trading partner to your ERP system as a consulting project is costly and time-consuming. Radley’s alternative approach delivers a common file format as the basis for integration with your ERP system which streamlines the integration of future trading partners.

iCARaS insulates your ERP system from trading partner distinctions and changes in EDI specifications. When a trading partner is developed in iCARaS, it includes not just the EDI transactions themselves, but also the business process rules so a complete demand set for that trading partner can be maintained.

Our approach: one-to-many data translation and transformation versus a complex many-to-many model that point-to-point integrations can lead to.
Maximizing ROI
Radley provides a standard application program interface (API) that delivers the flexibility today’s business solutions need to make sure that new systems can keep up with changing demands while continuing to support legacy formats for older applications. Radley has deployed SOA-based solutions that offer configurable workflow—this makes it easier to adapt processing to changing business requirements without time-consuming and costly customization. This not only simplifies and reduces the cost of implementation and maintenance, it ensures all adaptations carry forward through system upgrades, further extending system life and improving return on investment.

Demand Processing:
Integrated demand processing is key to eliminating manual data entry errors that cause production scheduling delays and shipping errors. Customer demand is received, translated and maintained within iCARaS.

A standard export function provides the demand data to your ERP system for all trading partners in a common file format. A change in EDI specifications by one of your trading partners no longer means a change in your ERP system. iCARaS handles the EDI variations of different trading partners, so you can focus on running your business.

Your customer’s orders are integrated with your business system and can be updated to a sales order, manufacturing demand, or a forecasting application, based on your company’s internal business practices.

iCARaS has a flexible gateway for shipment information to allow you to initiate the shipping transaction in iCARaS or your ERP system. iCARaS comes pre-loaded with a variety of shipping and export document formats that can be utilized regardless of where the shipping transaction occurs. iCARaS tags each requirement line with a unique odometer so stored EDI data elements can be looked up and returned on shipping documents, shipping labels, and ASNS.

Invoices can be imported from your business application for trading partners that required an EDI invoice.