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Radley is an exclusive Honeywell reseller providing mobile computers & scanners, printers and label media to customers all over the world and within numerous industries. We sell a variety of Honeywell Intermec products and accessories and have a team of experts who can assist you in selecting the hardware that will best meet your specific needs and requirements.

Some of the Benefits of Implementing
Honeywell Hardware
  • • Reduces cycle times and errors
  • • Increases workforce productivity
  • • Speeds material flow
  • • Reduces production downtime and lags
  • • Helps prevent costly reworks
  • • Reduces order errors and returns
  • • Improves customer satisfaction
  • • Increased collaboration throughout your entire operation
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Radley Software on Honeywell Devices
In addition to providing AIDC Barcode Scanning software which enables your Intermec devices to automate transactions, simplify shipping & receiving and streamline warehouse operations; Radley has a scalable technology platform of MES and WHS solutions that integrate to most major ERP and Business Systems. Not terminal emulation (TE), our solutions can be installed directly on your Honeywell/Intermec mobile computer. Our software also allows you to perform tasks in real-time, off-line or batch mode to accommodate network range, security and unique processes. Purchase software and Honeywell hardware from Radley and you have one central vendor to contact for training, troubleshooting or support issues.
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Honeywell PartnerQuestions to Ask Before Deciding

The type of hardware selected greatly depends on your process, environment and materials to be scanned. Many companies implement a mix of wedge scanners and mobile computers throughout their facilities based on these different factors.

  • • Is your environment hazardous?
  • • Are you performing multiple transactions at once?
  • • Are you scanning barcodes or utilizing RFID?
  • • How much memory does your device need to have?
  • • Do you need to be mobile?
  • • Which scan engine will you need, what distance do you need to scan?
  • • Do you need to read 1D, 2D barcodes or both?
  • • Are you on a network and want to process real-time?
  • • Do you have security limitations and requirements?
  • • Do you need to perform transactions from a truck?

Not sure which scan engine you require, if you need off-line transactions or if your facilities safety class requires you to have an intrinsically safe device? Contact a Product Specialist at 616-541-6010 or Email your questions today!