Not All Printers are Created Equal!
Whether it’s for printing barcode labels or asset tags, selecting the right printer can be a crucial factor in the efficiency of your process. Imagine a warehouse where users are receiving materials, printing and applying labels prior to putaway into inventory and there is a backlog at the printer; it cannot keep up or gets jammed. Now there are materials waiting to be putaway and the whole process comes to a halt while the receiving printer issue is resolved. This is a very real example, which unfortunately occurs all too often. Radley highly suggests you consider your unique process, meet and review with your team and talk to a professional before making an investment.
Selecting a printer can depend on a number of factors such as environment and quantity of labels to be printed. For some, it might also depend on the type of label design software they use. It is not uncommon for an organization to implement a combination of desktop, industrial and mobile printers to accommodate the different areas of their process based on these different factors.

Questions to Ask Before Deciding

  • • Will you need an industrial or desktop printer?
  • • How many labels need to be printed?
  • • Do you require a thermal or direct transfer printer?
  • • Will you need mobile printing?
  • • Is your environment dusty or considered hazardous?
  • • Will the printer connect to a network?
  • • Do you have security limitations and requirements?
  • • What size labels need to be printed?

Not sure if your process warrants mobile printers, if you require thermal or direct transfer or if you need an industrial printer? Contact a Product Specialist at 616-541-6010 or Email your questions today!