October's educational seminar and networking event was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who was able to take the time out their busy schedules to attend.


A Unique Event
The seminar took place Wednesday, October 28th in downtown Grand Rapids, MI at the JW Marriott and featured speakers from organizations committed to promoting a pro-manufacturing economy, leaders in manufacturing technology and employment agencies for the state of Michigan.

Executives from Michigan manufacturing companies came together for a free educational seminar and networking event tackling issues surrounding the manufacturing skills gap. During the seminar entitled: "Filling the Manufacturing Skills Gap with Technology & Automation - Attracting a New Generation of Manufacturing Workers"; industry experts weighed in, offering their insights, experience, tools and resources available to address the various hurdles our manufacturers are up against.


Over 70 attendees from the manufacturing industry were present, enjoying networking and educational seminars during the half-day event.

The seminars challenged attendees to evaluate their company's technology, employee retention techniques, as well as apprentice and training programs. Attendees were given the opportunity to network with others in the manufacturing community to explore solutions to the various hurdles our state's manufacturers face.


The key take-away from this event was that the positive effects of technology and automation are numerous and can span across your organization, well beyond addressing the skills gap. Imagine being able to eliminate non-productive tasks, empowering your workers to make faster decisions with real-time information and taking away the need for "tribal knowledge" to be passed down from one worker to another. Companies across the country are embracing technology and have set out to rebrand themselves. Let Radley Corporation show you how you can move your company's operations into this new era.

About Radley

Radley Corporation develops, distributes, implements and maintains enterprise-class software solutions, products and services aimed at improving the efficiency and productivity of business logistics processes. Our products allow organizations to manage key business operations via intelligent use of technology, enabling Radley users to drive significant cost, quality and productivity improvements to help them reach their goals for operational excellence and competitive advantage.

Our primary goal is to simplify tasks, minimize error, increase productivity and bring visibiltiy to the crucial data your business depends on. How do we do it? We give our customers the knowledge, options and power to make it happen for themselves.




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