Value-Added Network Services

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Radley Partners with EasyLink to Offer Customers Significant Cost-Savings
EasyLinkRadley Corporation has partnered with EasyLink Services International Corporation to offer a cost-effective internet-based Value Added Network (VAN). As a Radley customer, we believe you will experience significant savings using Radley's EasyLink solution when compared to your current VAN charges. And you can simplify the business cycle by receiving your eCommerce invoices from a single source.
The EasyLink Solution
EasyLink provides both continuous monitoring of network connections and the EDI management tools that offer enhanced visibility to your eCommerce data flow. For those that can only receive data via fax or e-mail, EasyLink offers web based portal services for the exchange of business documents - an optimal solution for Trading Partners that do not have traditional EDI/Network capabilities. EasyLink is your one connection point with real-time delivery of all your EDI and Non-EDI data, with a wide range of secure connectivity options, such as: VPN, AS2, FTP, FTP/S, and HTTP/S.
Value-Added Network Services
  • • EasyLink offers fast delivery of documents and allows you to effectively track, monitor and process all of your business documents.
  • • Using EasyLink, you will consistently be provided with delivery confirmation of documents and other data files.
  • • Documents can be delivered in real-time, or retrieved when it’s convenient for you.
  • • EasyLink can handle standard EDI data transmissions, as well as images, engineering drawings, architectural blueprints, audio and some types of video.
  • • EasyLink is connected to approximately 45 Public VAN Interconnects worldwide and approximately 50 Private Interconnects.
Technical Support
Both Radley Corporation and EasyLink strive to provide superior technical support.  Radley is certified to provide first line support during business hours, 7am – 6pm (Eastern Time). Off hours support for VAN services will be handled directly by EasyLink's support desk.
Alert Notification System
The Alert Notification Systems provides real-time notification of various events via fax, e-mail, or pager. You define the actions to be taken for a variety of events, such as:
  • • New documents in a mailbox
  • • Documents with errors (transmission, translation addressing or processing errors)
  • • Delivery timeout (trading partner didn’t pick up the documents within a specified period of time). 
  • Alert Notifications
  • Easy Access to Current Data
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Simple Migration
  • Consolidated Billing
  • Cost Savings
What Our Customers Are Saying
"THANK YOU for recommending EASYLINK ICC-NET as our EDI VAN. Since changing VANS from ANX INOVIS we have saved hundreds of dollars monthly in costs, with the same amount of data flow through our mailboxes. Our ANX-INVOIS fee was costing us $1000 a month regardless of the amount of data usage. Using the EASYLINK ICC-NET VAN is a 60% SAVINGS!"

Joe Urbauer
Business Systems Administrator
IMS Companies, LLC

“Ampro Molding was happy with our cost savings of over $500 per month but even happier with our seamless transition to EasyLink. On Friday we were using Covisint and Monday were using EasyLink with nobody noticing the change”

David H. Montgomery
Ampro Molding, LLC
Free Needs Analysis
Contact us now for a no-charge, comprehensive needs analysis to determine how converting to EasyLink VAN services can benefit your company. Ask Radley about EasyLink OR eMail