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pacific steel castings

Bottlenecks Overcome

Timely completion of manually created outgoing EDI transactions was becoming impossible.  Read how Pacific Steel Castings, Inc. used Radley's B2B out-of-the-box EDI solution, iR*EDI, to eliminate concerns about custom EDI integration and ERP upgrades.     [ Pacific Steel Castings Success Story go button

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Phase II Automated Data Collection a Major Assist to Process Execution

“The improvement that Radley has made to the Sample Room has been great. We used to “batch” our orders throughout the day, leaving me tied to my office. Now the orders print every 4 minutes. This has provided me with a savings of 5 man-hours a day between my group leader and myself. We are now able to focus on other areas of the Sample Room. It also spreads the work out evenly throughout the day.  It has made the room less stressful” said Larry Byron, Sample Room Supervisor.   Request Full Case Study: Phase II - The Story Continues... go button

Steel Fabricator Adds Visibility to the Job Site:
Inventory Accuracy, Control and Improved View of Project Status

Between the time it ships from the Fabricator and when it is erected at the job site, structural steel may seem to enter a virtual black hole. Because of the lag time involved with processing the paperwork, General Contractors often times do not have visibility to a project for days. Assemblies sometimes go missing in action. At any given time, there may be no way for the erector to tell if shipped assemblies have arrived at the site or where they are located, nor a way to determine if or when they have been erected.  Learn how a midwest Fabricator implemented a system to reduce paperwork, streamline processes, and accelerate accessibility to project status information from the job site.

Case Study: Steel Fabricator Adds Visibility to the Job Site go button

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Automated Data Collection a Major Assist to Process Execution

“We are now able to do things we couldn’t even imagine with our old systems,” stated David Latham, Gemline’s Manufacturing Business Systems Analyst, “and building upon what we now have, a whole new world of possibilities is opening up for the future here at the Gem Group. “ Case Study: Bar Code Data Collection is a Major Assist to Process Execution go button

Easing the Pain of Overseas Expansion

After the initial implementation Saint Jean’s experienced the benefits of a seamless solution in only one month. Radley’s iCARaS hosted Automotive EDI solution made Saint Jean’s transition into the US automotive market easier, and less painful. Since EDI is a requirement by all OEM’s they can now easily branch into the US automotive market with having all the necessary, certified solutions already in place and working efficiently.    Case Study: Pain Relief for Overseas Expansion go button
Healthcare EDI

Automating EDI Healthcare Claims

Replaced manual system with a hosted version of Radley Corporation’s B2B EDI solution, iR*EDI. Now have the ability to produce and verify EDI and the capacity to automate all of the processes related to EDI. iR*EDI Mapper enables the flexibility to produce a standard document and allow iR*EDI to verify it.    
Case Study:  Automating EDI Healthcare Claims go button
one part2 partspallet labels

An International Specialty Chemical Company Benefits From the Automation of QAD MFG/PRO® Transactions

Since implementing Q*ADC, the chemical company now tracks each pallet with a single IntelliLabel bar code.  The paper process is eliminated and instead each unique IntelliLabel number now identifies each pallet.  This single IntelliLabel number tracks each unique data element that was previously recorded in Excel, in addition to all the inventory transactions.  

Case Study: Pallet Tracking Automated using Radley Q*ADC  go button


Premium Deli Meat Processor Reduces Errors and Gains Visibility by Integrating Scales & MES System

Before implementing data collection, product classifications were recorded manually on spreadsheets.  This process was very cumbersome, and as a result, not all of the necessary data elements that were needed for traceability were being recorded.

Case Study: Complete Product Traceability for Food Industry go button

EDI for Caterpillar

Acme Foundry Implements iR*EDI for B&L and Caterpillar in Record Time

The installation and implementation of Acme Foundry’s EDI solution was completed in record time.  They were able to get a new connection to Caterpillar using a secure FTP protocol, download test data for material releases and purchase orders, and send back Advance Ship Notices and Invoices automatically when they were created inside of BLIS-400.   Case Study: EDI Solution Implemented in Record Time go button
Automotive EDI

Kirby Risk Eliminates Time Consuming Manual Process
with iCARaS for Automotive EDI

"The most important benefit that we received from the iCARaS product is our ability to fix things at the plant level that were previously done at a centralized corporate level." notes Brad Henderson, Kirby Risk’s Six Sigma Black Belt, "The user interface is easy to use and understand and allows our users, who have direct contact with the customer, to answer questions and resolve problems in a timely manner.   
Case Study: Easy to Use and to Understand UI for Automotive go button
QAD Data Collection for Medical Device ManufacturerRadley’s data collection solution, Q*ADC, met all of their customer requirements and provides a single platform for data collection. Q*ADC delivers real-time transactions directly from the shop floor to QAD, as well as expanding on MFG/PRO functionality in a non-intrusive fashion.  Radley was also selected for its ease of use and its flexibility to fit Cyberonics specific needs.    Case Study: Barcode Data Collection for Life Sciences Manufacturing go button
B2B EDI Use of Oracle’s Release Management Module, R*EDI, from Radley Corporation, and services from Radley’s Automotive Consulting Group, enable Dana to meet the unique and demanding requirements of their customers.    Case Study: Meeting Unique EDI Requirements of Automotive Industry go button
B2B EDI R*EDI provides the communications, translation and mapping functionality required to retrieve the EDI data transmitted by Lydall’s trading partners and map it into the Oracle Applications e-Commerce gateway transaction sets.
Case Study: Communications, Translation,and Mapping Functionality for Oracle go button