Integrated Data CollectionRFID & Barcode Data Capture

Radley’s mobile data collection software solution allows you to easily capture and communicate data in your warehouse and manufacturing operations with your back-end business system(s). Not a terminal emulation (TE) solution, but real-time transaction processing that offers so much more than just the scanning of barcodes.

Radley gives you back the control over your business processes that most ERPs and business systems take away by forcing your workers to step through multiple menus and tasks to perform an event. Based on your specific business logic, Radley consolidates numerous tasks into one simple workflow. Our user interface was built for maximum worker productivity, easy to use and multi-lingual. Workers follow the software prompts as Radley technology is busy behind the scenes validating data, processing and updating your system.

Simple Interface

Whether implemented alone or combined with other products from Radley’s Solution Platform, integrated data capture can help you significantly reduce error, wasted time and manual efforts. Radley data collection offers mobile capability for iOS, Windows and Android devices, as well as traditional handheld terminals and a web-based user interface.

Read a Success Story and learn how our software solutions have helped customers like you from around the world to improve data integrity and increase customer satisfaction while reducing costs.

Streamlined Picking Case Study
Streamlined Picking Process

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Connect multiple systems, databases, equipment and machines.

  • ERP or Business System
  • Barcode Scanners
  • PLCs/Scales
  • Mobile Computers
  • RFID Portals
  • Barcode Label Printers
  • Vehicle Mounted Computers
  • Touch-friendly mobile devices

Eliminate handwritten labels, automate labeling, printing and configure to meet requirements such as: GS1, FDA, GTIN & more. Configurable for GS1 requirements.

View WIP like you’ve never done before with real-time visibility into consumption and finished goods.

Perform inventory inquiries, reprint labels and download pick lists all from a mobile computer or handheld device. Remote manage devices without leaving your desk.