Task ManagementDirect your Workforce

Consolidate workflows and interleave tasks to increase warehouse productivity. Create tasks based on priority, security level, work zones, equipment requirements and more by controlling the release and allocation of orders, replenishments and other warehouse activities.

Tasks can be generated manually, by the task manager or floor personnel, by a worker from their mobile device or automatically by Radley based on communication to your ERP and business logic. Collect and monitor task data; know precisely when and where tasks are completed, and by whom.

Radley’s “Watch Dog” monitors your business rules, key performance indicators, drop directories, inventory levels, schedules, etc. to identify new task requirements. Data is validated, notifications and error alerts generated and, if necessary, tasks escalated, all while updating real-time to your business system.

Streamlined Picking Case Study
Streamlined Picking Process

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Functionality Highlights

  • Configurable to Your Process
  • Integrates to ERP/Business System
  • Task Consolidation & Interleaving
  • Real-Time Visibility & Alerts
  • Manual/Automatic Task Release & Allocation
  • Run from Work Station or Mobile Device

Task Management illustration