Device ManagementEnhancing Your Data Collection Experience

Device ManagementManaging all of your barcode devices—even those on the shop floor—has never been easier. Radley's Device Management offers users the ability to view, manage and control any devices on their system from anywhere on the network. Device Management gives the administrator more visibility to Radley Barcoding and any barcoding devices by communicating directly with each device, without ever having to leave their desk.

Deployment Made Easier
The client package is configured within Device Management and ready to be deployed to the device.

Configure Devices from your Desk
Major settings of the client can be sent to the device for immediate use. Administrators can change device settings, upgrade Radley Barcoding applications, and execute other changes directly within the Device Management platform.

Remotely Control the Whole System
Start a remote control session with the device. This allows you to connect to and control any device from anywhere on the network.

Automated Version Control
With automated version control Radley Barcoding client will periodically connect to see if there are any software updates. If updates are needed, it will download, install and then restart itself with the new version.