Radley RFID Solutions

Radley combines the expertise of industry leading RFID consultants with the latest technology in portals, tags & readers to our comprehensive platform of MES & WMS software solutions. Designed to aggregate, manipulate and analyze your RFID data, Radley goes far beyond basic reporting tools to provide tremendous value to your end users, processes and overall operations.

A Radio Frequency Identification system is much more than purchasing and installing RFID hardware. An often overlooked but critical requirement is the middleware or software that communicates with interrogators while processing and filtering tag data to be passed to your ERP or business system. Without software you’re simply reading tag data, not utilizing it.


"RFID data is always accurate."
     "I won't have to scan anymore like with barcodes."
"All we need are tags and readers..."
     "We'll be able to see inventory move in real-time on a map."

Our solution is flexible and configurable, making it simple to integrate and shape to your existing processes. Whether you’re looking to implement RFID to track and automate finished goods, improve safety & maintenance, or keep track of equipment, we can provide a complete solution.

Implement RFID Solutions To:

  • Manufacturing
    Improve production processes with RFID solutions to help control the supply of components to the production line, automate testing and QA steps and manage work in progress.
  • Asset Management
    Control assets across multiple locations; tools manufacturing assets, containers, IBC & totes.
  • Logistics
    Monitor and track details about product movement to reduce errors and accelerate response times to changes in product demand.

End-To-End Solution

  • Software/Middleware
  • Integration to ERP
  • Consulting
  • RFID Engineering
  • Hardware
  • Tags & Labels
  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Support

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RFID Solution Benefits

  • • Boost Accuracy & Efficiency
  • • Reduce Inventory Time
  • • Real-Time Data & Metrics
  • • Advanced Security
  • • Reduce Material Expenses
  • • Improve Quality and Customer Service
  • • Increase Asset Utilization
  • • Meet Compliance Requirements
  • • Be More Competitive

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