Asset Tracking

Asset Overview screen

Radley’s Asset Tracking solution helps you manage and control critical assets within manufacturing, warehouse, and distribution operations. Our easy-to-use software is configurable to meet your specific processes, workflows and industry requirements.

Radley can help you address asset tracking challenges with everything from a single component to returnable transport items and specialized tools. Reduce waste, pilferage and damage to assets in your assembly plants, trailer yards, warehouses and maintenance depots.

Streamline those often labor-intensive tasks to track containers, production equipment and indirect materials. Integrate to your business system for real-time validations and updates of asset data. Minimize down-time, reduce labor costs and eliminate manual efforts by automating your asset tracking processes.

Gain Real-Time Visibility to Your Assets
  • • Maintain Customer & Supplier Information
  • • Log Damage and Asset Condition
  • • Monitor Inventory Levels
  • • Track Warranty Dates & Maintenance Schedules
  • • Perform Spot & Cycle Counting
  • • Track Acquisition Method, Cost & Value
  • • Analyze Utilization, Lifecycle & Time Idle
  • • Manage Expiration

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Container Tracking

Functionality Highlights

Manage capital assets, components, equipment, sub-assemblies and tools in numerous locations, inside and outside the four walls.

  • Utilize RFID to track returnable/reusable assets
  • Supports co-mingled lot tracking, serialized containers, individual part and direct part marking
  • Change field names to match your unique process
  • Run from a PC, work station or mobile device
  • Organize by location, facility, environment, region, etc.
  • Integrate to your ERP/business system
  • Create and define groups, types and classes
  • Supports barcode & RFID asset tags
  • Track Unlimited Assets
  • Define alerts and notifications

Do You Have Compliance Requirements?

Combine the Asset Tracking solution with other modules from Radley’s platform to meet government, customer and industry requirements.