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IFS Applications Barcoding Solution Solution
Suitefor IFS Users

Integrated, Automated & Innovative
Solutions for Product Traceability, Task Management, EDI, Machine Monitoring, Kitting and Containerization, Automated Labor Tracking, Shopfloor Control, and more. Read the Brochure

IFS Automotive EDI Automotive EDI for IFS Users

Radley's iCARaSĀ® incorporates Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), communications and trading-partner-specific logic to offer the complete release management and automotive shipping solution.
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IFS EDI Solution Integrated
EDIfor IFS Users

Fixed-cost communication, flat-fee trading partners and maps, managed EDI services, real-time visibility with a business activity monitor, on-demand or on-premises deployment options.
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Multimedia Resources for IFS Users

IFS Customer Experiences SharingCustomer Experiences
Time: 00:20:48

"Essence of the Session"
If you missed the session on IFS Data Collection Users Experiences, watch this "Essence of the Session" webcast.
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IntelliLabel for IFS Applications IntelliLabelContainerization
Size: 22.53 MB

This webcast provides an overview of how using IntelliLabel for IFS can be used for Label License Plating, Product Traceability and Nested Container Management. playWatch Now

Workforce Director Productivitywith Task Management
Time: 00:05:42

This webcast provides an overview and demonstration of how to achieve IFS productivity gains by directing your workforce via mobile or desktop computers. playWatch Now

IFS Transaction Barcodingand so much more
Time: 00:10:00

This webcast provides an overview and demonstration of Radley for use with IFS Applications for Data Collection and Barcoding.

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IFS Transaction EDI     Automation
Time: 00:10:00

This webcast provides an overview of EDI solutions offered by Radley Corporation for IFS Applications focusing on iR*EDI for B2B (also iCARaS Automotive EDI, iSC Supply Chain EDI, and Hosting for EDI).
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intro Recall ReadinessData Capture and Recall Readiness
PODCAST | Time: 00:11:45

IFS Radio Podcast | Listen Now