Solutions for Epicor ERP Software

Oracle logoRadley's integrated products for Epicor ERP users gives you the control over your processes that most ERPs take away. Based on your business logic, Radley consolidates numerous tasks into one simple workflow, without costly consulting services and customizations. Our user interface was built for maximum worker productivity, easy to use and multi-lingual. By streamlining data entry and daily operations, as well as automating manufacturing and material handling transactions, users follow the simple software prompts as Radley technology is busy behind the scenes validating data and processing multiple Epicor transactions at the same time.

Radley’s Solution Platform for Epicor ERP:

Inventory Control Asset Management
Kitting & Containerization Labor Tracking
eCommerce EDI Task Management

Seamless Integration & Innovative Technology
Our non-intrusive architecture allows Radley to update Epicor while preserving your configured rules and business logic; flexible for multi-site manufacturers and can be installed and managed centrally or at each individual location. Providing a wide variety of industry-specific capabilities, Radley solutions are easy to use with a multi-language user interface and compatible for use on mobile devices.
Real-Time Validation & Communication
Radley InterfaceRadley surpasses the data capture capabilities of standard Epicor ERP functionality. With intelligent prompting, your data can be validated against the Epicor database while updates are made with each event or transaction as it happens, in real time. Maximize your resource time and ensure the accuracy of data by automating warehouse and manufacturing tasks; perform inventory inquiries and reprint labels all from a mobile computer or handheld device; manage EDI transactions and collaborate with suppliers with your choice of on-premise, on-demand, or on the Cloud deployment.
Experts in the Industry
Unlike the competition, we are not just a barcode data collection provider. We go far beyond the automation of transactions to offer you a comprehensive platform of solutions, services and hardware to help you grow your business. We have a team of in-house experts, experienced in Epicor integration, ready to help you evaluate, document and implement solutions that will reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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Are You Looking For...

  • • Ways to collect, track, and chart manufacturing data while calculating key performance metrics
  • • Automated data collection, inventory control and asset management
  • Real-time, accurate reporting from a user-friendly interface
  • • Ways to simplify box scans and build up pallet/container relationships?
  • • Elimination of manual entry processes, hand written lists and tribal knowledge
  • • Ways to integrate EDI transactions and collaborate with suppliers

How Your Business Can Benefit

  • Reduce labor expenses and associated employee costs
  • • Decrease errors with validated data, automated processes
  • • Achieve a greater ROI on your Epicor investment
  • Optimize workflows based on your business, not Epicor
  • • Reduce audit risks & comply with standards
  • • Increase efficiency and have less waste
  • • Increase Real-Time Visibility to Inventory & Statuses
  • • Consolidate and minimize scans/transactions