Business Activity Monitor

Radley's Business Activity Monitor (BAM) is a visual intelligence dashboard system which provides highly visual graphical dashboards, real-time alerts, access to reports, as well as other powerful monitoring and analytical tools to monitor your key performance indicators. Integrated with Radley's solutions or other software packages, BAM gives you real-time access to critical, actionable information about your business. BAM gives you the tool set you need to measure and monitor improvements, identify process failures, or analyze data for volume and quantity. Adaptable for decision makers at every level, BAM enables you to anticipate and respond quickly to critical business events and make proactive decisions.
Monitoring the Event-Driven Enterprise
Well informed decisions are made when your business professionals are provided with clear, actionable intelligence. Radley’s BAM provides your operational staff, managers, and business analysts immediate visibility into the progress and performance of your ongoing business processes, allowing them to make better business decisions and take the appropriate corrective action when necessary. BAM is a visual intelligence layer providing a graphical display of your operational accomplishments.

  • • Real-time visibility
  • • Operational business intelligence
  • • Continuous process improvement
  • • Identification of process bottlenecks
  • • Increased customer satisfaction
  • • Alerts can be sent to the dashboard, ERP, via email, or instant message
  • • Display types include charts, graphs, lists, and gauges
Run-Time Version
Created by Radley professionals with your critical business processes in mind, BAM's Runtime Version provides you with pre-defined dashboards that allow you to access reports, review timely alerts and other helpful information like the following:

  • BAM screenshot• An overview of administrative processes (with On Premise Deployment), including the status of the Scheduler, listing of current active jobs, failure logs and release notes
  • • An overview of document details for documents sent and received, such as document volume, and specific document details
  • • A summary of documents sent and received by trading partner
  • • Inbound processing details, including requirement exceptions, document volume, and reports
  • • Outbound processing details, including shipments, acknowledgements, and imported data
  • • Alerts are displayed for import and build errors, translation errors, and communication failures

The BAM Runtime Version is available within any of Radley's eCommerce Platform Solutions products. There is no license fee, no install fee, and no training fee. The only requirement is that you add BAM to your current maintenance agreement with Radley Corporation. BAM Runtime Version uses MySQL so there is an additional cost to implement the runtime with any other database.
Authoring Version
BAM's Authoring Version allows you to create personalized dashboards displaying only the information important to you. You can create your own widgets (graphical display), or customize existing widgets. Within each widget, you can add filters, drill down capabilities, and specify how the data is displayed (i.e., as graphs, charts, lists or gauges.) You decide which widgets are added to which dashboards.

In addition, you can create key alerts, or subscribe to existing alerts for notification of failures. Users can also interact with a dashboard to request that a report be printed, or a link to an external application can be defined. BAM Authoring Version is available within any on premise deployment of Radley's eCommerce Platform products. For additional details, Download the Brochure about Radley's Business Activity Monitor.